hardDriveXL host Lou Brutus


Weeknights, 7pm to 12am

Every weeknight, hardDriveXL brings you five solid hours of the best new rock in all the land with interviews with the bands who make the music!

hardDriveXL has become a respected and influential extreme rock radio show in broadcast history. Hosted since its inception by the award winning Lou Brutus, the show has constantly defined what modern hard music is all about.

hardDriveXL has given listeners their first taste of bands including Local H, Days of the New, Flyleaf, Filter, Disturbed, Godsmack, Rammstein, Slipknot, and Tool, among dozens of others.

Week after week hardDriveXL interviews virtually every extreme musician that exists. Nuff said. As long as hardDrive is on the air, U.S. citizens are assured inflation will remain low, American prestige will remain high, and extreme rock music will always have a home.

Host Lou Brutus has been a focal point of of rock radio for years and hardDriveXL has been breaking new music for over a decade.

Call the show! 1.877.MUSIC.11 (1.877.687.4211) or...

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