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Experiencing technical difficulties?

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Is the stream not working or is the stream not turned on as previously scheduled? (For example, a local sports broadcast is scheduled but listen live is not activated.) Call our studios at 812.275.7555

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is Listen Live available?

A. Listen Live is available during most local programming (i.e. non music programming) heard on Z102.This includes (but is not limited to) Mitchell Bluejacket Sports.

Please note that we do not currently stream any items from our music playlist online at this time. (Sorry!)

Q. How does Listen Live "work"?

A. When listen live is available, click on any of the media player options to activate the listen live (popup) media player. (Don't forget to disable popups!)

Depending on your computer setup, you will need to wait a moment as the audio stream buffers.

Finally, turn up the volume and enjoy!

It's as simple as that!

Q. I clicked on the Windows Media Player option but I cannot hear any sound.

A. Are you using the Mozilla Firefox web browser to listen live at If you are, you will need to download the Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin.

Also take note that Windows Media Player, Version 9 (or higher) is required to listen live when using the Windows Media Player streaming option.

Q. Where can I download streaming software?

A. For a free version of Windows Media Player, please visit the Microsoft Windows Media website. For a free version of RealPlayer, visit the RealPlayer website.

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